Mama Land Miyakonojo store

Many nice women are enrolled in Delihel in Miyazaki 【Mama Land Miyakonojo store】 which is open from 10 am.

Mothers who are full of amateurs pure service and up to Mama of thirty-doll roads that are a bit shy but bright and gentle personality.
Since the newcomer enters every day, I can not miss it!
The course is available from 60 minutes 10,000 yen, so you can play reasonably.


Also, the options are versatile.
Deriheru play if [Mom land Miyakonojo shop] girl in Miyazaki, employees Everyone, We look forward to inquiries from customers because it is also expected that the teaser is crowded to wait for the early booking is We do.

Enjoy the best moments with lovely moms ♪

Do you like nice moms …?

Like! I love it! Please leave your delicacies’ playing to our store 【Mama Land Miyazaki Store】.

A lot of attractive by mom’s will to healthy mind and body of Takao
petite fair-skinned mama-san “Kanami’s” small devil Tsundere beauty “Ran’s” Pure Miss “tin-san”, an industry virgin cute fairy “Killala Mr. and others “, such as the finest beautiful moms selected carefully today.
The length of time until the end ♪ Enjoy

deals is full, fun-filled Deriheru [mom land Miyazaki store] is, our customers will really enjoy, also, so that you can and, As you can back in a satisfied smile ” We sincerely sincerely serve you!

We invite you to use it from everyone We are waiting for you!