Miyazaki departure from Deliher (Delivery Health) “Nobeoka Hana no Miyako – Married woman’s city” is a sex shop that delivers flower married women to the various areas of Miyazaki centering on the Nobeoka area.

Spend time with the adult women who usually spend as ordinary married women a secret of morality.

We offer a sweet, rich and pleasant time.

Our shop is aiming for “Delivery quality service, reception service, delivery service that you can satisfy and satisfy customers in all aspects” so we are willing to deceive the existing Deriheru shop for you Nobuoka I hope you will experience the city of flowers ~ the city of married women ~ “once.
We recommend you the perfect married woman, so please feel free to call us.

The image is about to swell, there will be no play which inflates men’s desire.
Miyazaki has a delihel that can play this madman.
At the image campus “Crayon”, we are waiting for young women in their twenties to be molested.

Is not this shop more like Miyazaki’s customs customized to molest?
Besides masturbation, there are reverse molester who touches a girl, night crawl and reverse night play, so I hope you enjoy each situations according to your mood.

Items such as optional rotor and eye mask are also included, and it is certain that if you play in conjunction with costumes, the tension also rises and heat enters the play.

Recommended is a 3 point set of rotor, eye mask and pantyhose breaking.
In a blindfolded state, a tiny voice Tearing out the girls’ pantyhose who leaks resistance voices Although it is quite a transformational play that blames only sensitive areas in the rotor, it is also an iron plate of men’s delusions.

As you imagine what kind of face you are feeling when any girl is being molested, your crotch will swell and it will bloom.

There are not a lot of customs that excites both tension and crotch just by delusion, there are also trial courses, so you may want to check what it is like.

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